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 Carouser (Ka-rouz) v. definition: One who engages in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

The Carouser is an independent entertainment and media company for young rock n roll fans with 335k impressions a month across all platforms.

We produce content that both engages and educates our audience through original videos, written stories and a biannual collectable magazine.


With a main focus on the late 60s & 70s, we aim to deliver content that helps users feel a part of that time and guide them on how to relive experiences through travel.

We celebrate rock n roll in its rawest form and fully support the venues and companies that bring it to life.

Winner of Best Design, Best Brand, Second Honorary Mention for Best Magazine and Best General Feature with Around The World In 18 Drinks, and First Honorary Mention for Best Multimedia in the London Met Magazine Awards 2014.

Our Mission

To educate a younger generation on the world of 60s & 70s rock n roll.

Our Style

Our work is always creative, witty, passionate, inspiring and engaging.

Our Offering

We share inspiration stories, thoughts and experiences for old school rock n roll fans.

Our Team

We’re all artists at heart who want to have a little fun while attacking the canvas.

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